The Team

In The Beginning…

Having spent years working for other security companies, I finally took the plunge in 2008 and decided to put my expertise into growing my own business.  Just one year later my wife Emma gave up her job to run the business with me. We welcomed our first technician, Dan into the fold a few short years later and we’ve been lucky to have him ever since. We’ve carefully employed only the people that we feel fit our vision and nearly two years ago, Lyle joined us and has also proven to be a valued member of the team. I know it all sounds a bit cliché, but our team really are knowledgeable, honest and enjoy what they do which comes through in our customer service and repeat business.

Our Rebrand…

Last year, we decided  to rebrand from our old fire and security title to our new name RFS Technology Ltd not because we didn’t like our old name (although it was a bit boring) but people thought that’s all we did. Nowadays we cover everything from all types of fire and security systems to home automation systems and audio visual and network solutions. I have to say; it’s been an exciting few years for us here and we hope to continue and grow in this area.

Scope of work…

We all bring something different to the table and no two jobs are ever the same. The scale of a project could mean planning a system on a new build superyacht or large country estate, to helping an elderly couple with their home security needs so don’t worry about how big or small your requirement is, just give us a call.

Ronnie Allan

Our Services


With a home automated smart home, you can be King or Queen of the Castle.


In a growing and fast paced technological world, you can’t afford to be left behind.


A smart home can just as easily be a smart boat.